Joint Marketing Solutions

Joint Marketing Solutions can help your nonprofit put the joy back in giving. They do it with mega co-op sweepstakes campaigns that invigorates your donor base, equips volunteers with all the tools they need to reach out to their peers, and helps you raise funds for your organization.

Rhymes Redefined

Rhymes Redefined offers you professional and top-quality lyrics for all occasions. For over 5 years, they’ve been writing lyrics for schools, sleepaway camps, day camps, and professional productions, as well as more individual and personal songs. Their goal is to create the song of your dreams in accordance with your specific themes, ideas, and preferences, with beautiful poetry and excellent rhymes. Visit the site to learn more!

Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva

Founded in 1952 by Rabbi Avrohom Kelman zt”l, with the support of the Prospect Park shul, Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva has always been an institution of innovation. PPY was the first girls’ school to have classes from Kindergarten through 12th grade, the first to start a girls’ Brachos Bee, the first to have a high school musical and dramatic production, and the first to have a school-wide Shabbaton. Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva takes pride in being characterized as a warm and academically challenging environment.

Pesach With Bordeaux

Bordeaux invites you to experience Pesach like never before! With their signature of luxury and elegance, and unsurpassed hospitality, Bordeaux anticipates hosting you and catering to your every need.

Camp Areivim

Camp Areivim opened its first season in the Summer of 2010 under the leadership of Rabbi Yanky Hersh of Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island. The Camp was designed to specifically cater to older boys and develop an exciting, mature and novel approach to day camp, including intense Leagues, incredible overnight trips, experienced Rebbeim and a stellar staff. The Camp has since branched out, adding a Junior Division, for campers in 1st through 3rd grades, and a Freshies Division, for campers in Nursery through Pre1A.

Binbeli Deals

The Binbeli family are deal finders, hunters and chasers. As a family, they strive to always look out for the best deals for their fellow Binbelier’s. As a Binbelier, you are eligible to share a deal on their site. If they are an affiliate to the website you share the deal from, you will earn Binbeli dollars for every sale that gets generated from your link.

Call It Home Solutions

Call-it-Home Solutions aspires to increase in-home accessibility for individuals with limitations. To fulfill their vision they send licensed occupational therapists, who are also CAPS* certified, to assess homes and provide recommendations to increase the accessibility in the homes. As licensed occupational therapists, as well as CAPS professionals, they blend clinical experience with the home assessment training to create that unique holistic approach when providing services. They make every effort to assist their clients through the entire journey of modifying their homes to ensure that all residents can experience maximal quality of life in their personal home environment.


Yapchik, named for a special deli dish, popular in Jerusalem, made with a combo of deep-fried potato pudding fused with succulent chunks of meat, favored among the post-midnight crowds of Yeshiva boys eating out after an intense week of studying Talmud, to schmooze and relax. Situated in the center of the heavily Orthodox Yeshiva New Jersey Township of Lakewood. Yapchik is proud to present their unique sandwiches and hand formed burgers, uncommon in its sophistication plus a full open buffet & salad bar. Offering authentic upscale cuisine with an exciting wide array of appetizers and a full menu of unique Yapchik-style main dishes, with each serving having its exceptional character, from sweet spicey or savory to crunchy.

Yeshiva Zichron Erez

Rav Chaim Zev Levitan, a veteran Mechanech, saw the need and answered the call of the many wonderful Bachurim who felt unprepared to continue their quest to sustain and continue their Aliya “Al Admas Neichor”-on the foreign soil they spent their youth in. BS’D, the Yeshiva, the exceptional Rabbeim have created a lifeline for these Bochurim that has endured the test of time. The transition, even partially, between the Yeshiva world and the increasingly dangerous outside world, has felled many fine young men. Our focus is to train, to fortify our Bochurim, to enable them to endure the Nisyonos that a Torah-true B’aal Habayis will have to triumph over in the future.